Report an observation or problem with virtual CoNZealand

Hi. What's your name? *So we can reply politely.

What type of problem are you having? *We can help you more quickly if we know what type of problem this is

What's wrong? *Give a very short description so we can see it quickly

What happened? *Tell us in your own words: what were you trying to do, what did you expect to happen, and what was different when it happened?

What part of the CoNZealand system were you using at the time? *We'd like to know which system caused you pain

What webpage were you on?
The URL of the place where you were in the Con

What device are you using to access the CoNZealand website?
Please enter your device type / operating system level here (eg: PC/Windows/Mac/Chromebook/Android/iOS/PalmPilot...)

What is your CoNZealand Member Registration Address? *What email address did you use to log into CoNZealand?

What is your contact email address? *Where may we send email back to you? This may be be the same as, or different to, the previous question. Overtype to change.

What type of membership do you have? *Attending
Hugo Ceremony

What is your Discord user name?
This is not your display name or your email, it is the name (including the #) that appears at the bottom of the channel list bar to the left. If you click the text, it will be copied to your clipboard.


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